Through the CWE partnership, InsightShare works with Indigenous communities to identify, train, and equip local videographers to enable them to record the impacts of, and responses to, climate change at the local level. Creating and sharing these video stories enables Indigenous peoples to contemplate and present their own perspectives on the effects of climate change to inform the global discourse. This has also created an opportunity to share local adaptation strategies and build donor support for community-based adaptation. Indigenous videographers are training people from other communities, helping to create a regional and a global network of Indigenous communities working on these issues. Communities participating in CWE are creating their own media and linking up through the emerging media hub network.

A CWE media hub is currently a space where video and audio equipment is stored and editing can take place, and is usually based in an Indigenous community or village. It becomes a focal point for communications, empowerment and cultural resilience. If possible, it is connected to the web and has electricity or renewable power source available for charging batteries and laptops etc. Local facilitators, who are paid a small stipend, provide support, resources, and equipment and reach out to include new local groups through developing participatory video projects. In some cases an InsightShare trainer is based here and organizes regional and international trainings and mentoring local indigenous trainers. A hub is envisioned as a catalyst for action in local communities but has a global reach as well. In 2011 the hubs will have the opportunity to broaden their media and communications skills further training by CWE partners and allies.

December 2009 - February 2010 - July 2010 - October 2010

UNFCC COP15 Copenhagen, Denmark
Bioneers, San Rafael, California, USA
The Worldly Leadership Summit, Ross on Wye, UK
Environmental Grant Makers Annual Retreat, USA
Anchorage Climate Summit, Anchorage, Canada
National Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark
Klimaforum, Copenhagen, Denmark
Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK
Reading University, Reading, UK
Univeristy of Kent, Kent, UK

CLACPI Indigenous Video Festival, Ecuador
The mobile UN University Film Festival
Fundacion Tres Culturas, Seville University, Spain
People's Forum on Climate Change and Mother Earth Rights, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Boomfestival, Idanha-a-nova, Portugal
International Mountain Film Festival, Domzale, Slovenia
Environmental Film Festival H2O, Moscow, Russia
‘Towards a new justice triptych’ Filmfestival, Bonn, Germany
World Social Forum Meeting, Detroit, USA
Natural Science Museum, Bielefeld, Germany
the Ushuaia Shh... Festival Internacional de Cine de Montaa, Ushuaia, Argentina
Hispanic Film Festival “Contra El Silencio Todas las Voces”, Mexico City, Mexico
Native Spirit Festival, London, UK
Worldly Leadership Summit, Ross on Wye, UK
Bioneers, Findhorn Ecovillage, Scotland, UK
CEESP Sharing Power Conference, New Zealand
UNESCO ICTD Conference Royal Holloway, University of London, London, UK

United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP16) in Cancun, Mexico
National Museum of the American Indian, Film Festival screening, New York, USA
Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, Washington, DC, USA (6 month permanent exhibit)
Oxford Women’s Festival, Oxford, UK
Conversations with the Earth Community Festival, Oxford, UK
Wood Festival, Braziers Park, Wallingford, UK
Green Unplugged festival, online festival visited by 16 million people across 231 countries